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Play Pen Sand Bag 40kg

R 63.99 R 98.99
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Play Pen Sand Bag 40kg

R 63.99 R 98.99
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R 63.99 R 98.99
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    • Brand: STEP Building Supplies
    • Type: Aggregate
    • Availability: In Stock

    Fill up any home playpen or sandpit with quality, clean, playpen sand. Washed multiple times, this is the highest standard silica sand. Order Online Now.

    Wondering how much you need? Here's an easy way to calculate.

    For every 1 square metre (1m x 1m) you will need 3 bags of 40kg for a nice pile that can leave the kids playing for hours.

    Is your sandpit 3m x 2m, then you're best off with about 20 bags of 40kg.

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