Don’t let loadshedding and frequent power outages disrupt your life.

A portable generator is a cost-effective and reliable solution to unreliable power issues - enabling households to function. A smaller, portable generator is ideal for powering the essentials such as the fridge, freezer, microwave and a few lights. 

A large standby power generator can pretty much power everything in your house, factory or business and some generators can be programmed to come on automatically when the power goes down - this means an AMF (automated mains failure) would need to be implemented. 

WIth WFH (work from home) becoming a sustainable option for many, a power generator is fast becoming a popular and much-needed solution for backup power to ensure ongoing business operations. 

The first step when considering a backup generator for your home or business is to determine what you need to keep powered when there is no electricity; this electrical load will then determine the size (wattage) of the generator that will meet your brief.  

Generators for household usage range between 5 kW to 50 kW power capacity and industrial generators range from 50 kW to over 3 MW in capacity.


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