Tile Cutting

A cutting edge investment for tilers and home DIYers

Home renovation projects are on the rise and whether you are a professional builder or a seasoned DIYer, tiling needs to be part of your skills repertoire. This will mean investing in a manual tile cutter or a power tool tile cutting machine to update kitchens, bathrooms etc.

We have your next tile cutting project covered:

  • Manual tile cutters (aka snap cutters/rail tile cutters) score and tap porcelain and ceramic wall and floor tiles but can only do straight or diagonal cuts - breaking the tile into 2 pieces. 
  • Electric tile cutting machines do straight cuts but are also able to handle tricky smaller cuts, curves and bevels to fit around electric sockets, doorways, taps etc. These are generally ‘wet’ cutters and you need time tiling experience to use them. They are worth the investment for bigger tiling jobs. 
  • Tile cutter combination pliers (aka tile nippers) are perfect for creatives who love mosaicing or for really small cuts to fit around toilet flanges, tap valves, doorcases, etc. and are great to pair with a manual tile cutter.

DIY TIP: Always wear safety goggles when using a tile cutting tool or device.

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