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We’re making laundry days simple and convenient with our outdoor and indoor washing line solutions. 

Washing and drying clothes is an ongoing household chore. And hanging your clothes out to dry is one of the easiest ways of embracing the eco- and environmentally-friendly trend. Whether you live in the suburbs or the city, the obvious advantage of hanging up your wet washing - be that on retractable washing lines or rotary driers - is that it is a money-saving alternative to tumble driers. 

Living in the suburbs offers you the opportunity of installing a washing line in a sunny corner of your garden. Rotary driers (ranging from 25m to 50m of hanging space) are popular due to their cost-effective benefits, space-saving functional design, weather-resistant properties and sturdy galvanized steel frame construction.

 Fun fact: Sunlight is a natural bleaching agent to help keep your whites white as well as killing mites and bacteria. Fresh air also preserves the fibres in your clothes. 

If an urban apartment is where you call home, we will help you sort and dry your laundry with an indoor retractable washing line offering you 5 lines and 20m of hanging space. And if you have a small balcony, then a space-efficient foldaway option is the ideal solution.


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