Interior Doors

Make an entrance to any room 

When designing or renovating a home, interior doors are often overlooked as a design element - and yet most rooms need one. These are long term investment pieces and are features that can upstyle the overall look of your home. 

Here are a few practical considerations when choosing interior doors:

  • Solid wood or supawood? This is a budget consideration. Solid wood is obviously the superior choice but it is also an expensive choice. Supawood (aka as MDF - medium density fiberboard) is an affordable durable alternative that is also moisture resistant and will not necessarily affect the overall aesthetic. (A supawood door will, however, need to be painted).
  • Hollow core or solid core? Hollow or semi-hollow core interior doors are more affordable, lightweight and easier to install. Solid core doors, however, offer better insulation and sound dampening. 
  • Plain or panelled? Depending on your design style, panelled doors - arched, square, curved or glass - offer unique customization to your home’s aesthetic. There are countless options to choose from. A plain door fits with a minimalistic decor style and can easily be personalized depending on the ironmongery finishes. 
  • Painted or natural? Depending on your design aesthetic, interior doors can be varnished, stained or painted. 

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