Balustrades to enhance the beauty of your home

Beyond its obvious safety features, a balustrade can easily be a stunning decor and architectural element that will transform your home’s facade or be a unique design element within your home - from balconies to staircases.

Materials: A balustrade or railing is an extension of your home and therefore is a big design consideration. The materials you choose - wood, glass (top mounted or side mounted), metal, aluminium, wire or wrought iron - will be determined by the balustrade's placement (indoors or outdoors), your budget and what will best complement the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Safety: Commercial and domestic balustrades must conform to the South African industry standards and safety requirements.  

Maintenance: The long term upkeep of your balustrade will be a major design consideration. Wood will need oiling, varnishing or painting over the years and a glass balustrade will require ongoing cleaning to look beautiful. Aluminium and wrought iron are generally maintenance free although wrought iron can deteriorate at coastal areas. 


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