The durable and long-lasting characteristics of cement make it a critical and ‘foundational’ building material for any construction project.

The lifespan of cement exceeds any other type of building material and it requires minimal maintenance or repair. Cement (or concrete) is also the most widely used construction material.  

Beyond the pouring of foundations, large scale wall and ceiling construction, and flooring finishes, the beauty of cement has taken the world of interior design by storm. Your kitchen can now boast concrete countertops, your bathroom - a stylish concrete vanity, your patio - a customised concrete bench or table, and your garden - some personalised concrete paving stones. 

The cool thing about cement is that it can be moulded into any shape you fancy - adding a unique textural impact and design statement. 

PPC Surecem 32.5R Cement per Pallet 40 bags 50kg
PPC Surebuild 42.5N Cement Pallet - 40 bags of 50kg
PPC Surebuild 42.5N Cement bags 50kg - Building Material
PPC Surecem 32.5R Cement bags 50kg - Building Material
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