Light up your spaces - beautifully 

From traditional or contemporary to midcentury modern or French rustic, there is not a decor style that is complete without the design statement of pendant lighting. Whether you are looking for ambient, accent or task lighting solutions, pendant lights - hung individually or in a cluster - will dramatically enhance any room in your home. 

Pendant lights come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and materials including, crystal, glass, wood, ceramic, metal and concrete.  

Transform your spaces and create different zones by mixing and matching pendants.

Best practice guidelines when choosing pendants:

  • Ambient lighting - this is your main lighting solution for a room to give enough widespread light - either from a ceiling fixture or a floor lamp
  • Accent lighting - a smaller pendant will give directional lighting to highlight a specific area in a room. This is cosy and atmospheric lighting and there are so many decor pendant options to choose from and have fun with. 
  • Task lighting - adds extra brightness for daily activities such as over a kitchen counter, a reading corner or work desk. Once again, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to pendant solutions. 





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