Let’s go camping! You sort the tent & we’ll sort the rest

Whether a camping trip offers you a relaxing getaway in nature or an outdoor adventure-filled escape, a successful experience and happy campers begin with stocking up on some basic camping gear and equipment. 

A few camping essentials:

    • Be prepared: The great outdoors comes with its own unique set of challenges. Stay one step ahead with headlamps, LED torches and lights, lanterns, insect repellant, sunscreen, some protective rain gear and a first aid kit.  
  • Let’s get cooking: If cooking over an open fire is a bit ‘Bear Grylls’ for you, then investing in a mini gas cooker with a cartridge is the way to go. Stock your cooler box and pop the camping kettle on to boil. Don't forget the cutlery, crockery (or paper plates) and drinking water. 
  • Furniture basics: Sitting around a campfire is always more comfortable on a chair. Browse our range of camping chairs and tables to suit your budget and your requirements. And for the ultimate chill factor - add a hammock. 
    • And so to bed: No matter how romantic sleeping on the ground or under the stars may seem, you still want a comfortable night’s sleep. Invest in an inflatable mattress, a good quality sleeping bag (especially if you are camping in winter) and your pillow from home.  And depending on your outdoor destination, you may want to consider a mosquito net. 

    Happy camping!


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