Loadshedding solutions

Don’t let load-shedding take you by surprise or bring your life to a standstill - at work or at home.

It is worth researching and investing in alternative and appropriate backup power solutions to navigate the reality of ongoing load-shedding outages - from batteries, rechargeable led emergency lights and generators. It is also imperative to include a surge arrester to limit the current, which may potentially destroy your valuable gadgets or equipment if a power overload occurs.

A. backup kit is also a great idea for residential homes and small businesses as a  transition to backup power support in the event of load shedding is automatic. This inverter system can support your Plasma or LCD TV systems, decoders, energy saver lights (5-10), fridge, small kettle, fan, home alarm system etc.- it’s like your power never got interrupted.

A mobile UPS is another alternative that can make your life easier during load shedding. This can be valuable for your office as it prevents unnecessary data loss and it keeps your system running. It comes with an inbuilt surge protection system too.

There are a variety of solutions to fit the individual functional challenges of load shedding. Find just the right one to suit your budget and home or office requirements.


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