Drywall boards and accessories

Drywalls  - aka plasterboards or gypsum boards - are a building and renovation material that are gaining popularity when it comes to interior design and architectural solutions.

Drywalling is a simple alternative for non-load bearing interior walls and ceilings - be that in reconfiguring homes or creating partitions in office spaces. 

The benefits of drywall solutions and accessories include the following: 

  • cost-effective, 
  • durable, easily available, 
  • quick to install, and 
  • easy to cut. 

Drywalls are also used to wrap cement columns and conceal steel beams as a commercial building solution. Being fire-resistant, drywalling adds an important safety consideration for any homeowner. It can also be painted multiple times, giving you the design flexibility to change the look and feel of a room quickly and easily.

Your dream home, ‘man cave,’ ‘lady lair,’ or extra bedroom is just one drywall away. 


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