Floor Standing Lights

Brighten indoor or outdoor spaces with floor standing lights 

As a light source, standing floor lamps deserve all the decor press they get. It’s hard not to fall in love with their functional versatility and sculptural beauty. If any of your rooms are missing something, we’re going to suggest it is probably a floor lamp! And if your outdoor areas need some extra illumination, a standing light is your go-to solution. 

Here are 4 reasons to add these statement pieces to your spaces. 

  1. Floor lamps add layering and height to a room: If your room is lacking scale and proportion with most pieces of furniture being at a similar height, then a standing light will add both designer interest and height. 
  2. Floor lamps fill an empty corner: Most rooms have a corner that needs something to complete the scheme. Standing floor lamps work perfectly due to their thin linear design and specs. 
  3. Floor lamps offer a much-needed lighting solution: Standing lamps are extremely versatile when it comes to a lighting alternative as they can be used for ambient, task or accent lighting. Outdoor standing lights offer a much needed nighttime lighting source as well as adding a security element. 
  4. Floor lamps are portable: Because Indoor floor lamps can so easily be moved, you can change up a space or corner whenever you want. 

Your perfect standing floor light is just a click away. 


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