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JoJo haysaver

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JoJo haysaver

R 1,497.99 R 1,880.99
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R 1,497.99 R 1,880.99
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    • Brand: STEP Building Supplies
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    Jojo haysaver


    JoJo’s Haysaver is a modular-designed feeding box for the equine market. They promote a natural grazing position, reduce colic and the risk of injury while also diminishing the cost of uneaten, soiled or trampled hay. Weather-resistant and easy to clean, the modular design enables installation in corners where space is limited and two to four Haysavers can be joined for multiple feeding in a shared paddock.

    Product Benefits:

    • Made with the best food-grade, quality virgin LLDPE
    • UV-resistant
    • 10-year guarantee
    • Easy to clean
    • Weight supported on base
    • Promotes natural grazing position
    • Perforated for adequate aeration
    • Eliminates ingestion of dust, sand and shavings
    • Protects hay from urination
    • Minimises equine feed wastage
    • Eliminates need for dangerous teff nets
    • Easily mounted on brick or wooden stables or gum poles in paddock

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