Urban Gardening

The trend of urban or city living does not mean compromising on personal green space. A tiny patch of lawn, a small balcony or a narrow terrace are the perfect green-fingered urban gardening opportunity. 

City gardening is all about nurturing your terrace or balcony within the concrete jungle, and even the tiniest urban garden terrace is an invitation to sit among nature and enjoy the outdoors. 

From potted herbs to an array of potted greenery and hanging flower baskets, there are no limits -  (except space) - to you finding your urban gardening muse. All you need are pots, plants, a flower fork, a terrace spiral hose or watering can, a modular city gardening vertical planter set, and perhaps an outdoor cooling mist set for those hot summer evenings. (Add a hammock and you could even have scented dreams out on your balcony). Let your balcony garden blossom and grow.
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