Don’t have green fingers? Not to worry!

All you need are a pair of gardening gloves and a selection of tools from Gardena’s irrigation and gardening range. From planting to printing to cutting to raking to watering to lawn care, Gardena’s tools will help you grow a garden - even if that is making your urban balcony blossom

  • Get watering - Gardena soft sprayers, pressure sprayers, hosepipes, watering cans and irrigation systems mean the grass will always be greener on your side of the fence. 
  • Get landscaping - The variety of Gardena tools and accessories for planting, weeding and pruning - rakes, spades, forks, secateurs, leaf blowers etc - will result in a colourful floral display and a sustainable kitchen garden.  
  • Get cutting - From trees to topiaries, Gardena gets in on the action with shrub shears, loppers, branch pruners, garden saws, hedge trimmers and clippers. 
Getting your garden to grow starts with a few select Gardens tools and accessories. A happy gardener is not one with green fingers, but rather one with gardening tools in hand.

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