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PPC Surewall 22.5X Cement per Pallet 40 bags 50kg

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PPC Surewall 22.5X Cement per Pallet 40 bags 50kg

R 3,061.99 R 3,843.99
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R 3,061.99 R 3,843.99
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    PPC Surewall 22,5X Cement pallet 40 x 50kg bags

    PPC’s Surewall 22,5X cement is a masonry cement designed to enhance the performance of motar and plaster mixes.

    Deliveries currently only in Gauteng
    Deliveries to other areas need a special quote

    SUREWALL 22,5 X is a masonry cement made by PPC from high quality raw materials. Clinker is inter-ground with gypsum and an appropriate amount of limestone extender.

    SUREWALL masonry cement is ideal for mortar and plaster applications and improves the following properties of fresh mortar and plaster:

    • Workability
    • Cohesiveness
    • Water retention

    In hardened plaster it reduces cracking and crazing and improves the surface finish.


    SUREWALL complies with the 22,5 strength class of SANS 50413-1 for masonry cements and is identified as:

    • MC 22,5 X

    Where "MC" denotes Masonry Cement, "22,5" denotes the 22,5 MPa strength class, and "X" denotes that the product does not contain an air-entraining agent.

    Cement bags are not weatherproof and should be stored under cover, off the ground, on raised timber platform or on plastic sheeting to protect against rising dampness. Bags should be stacked to a maximum height of 12 bags or two pallets. Usage of bags should be first in first out.

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