People Also Asked

How do you calculate building materials?
There are various calculations for each type of material you require to calculate.
Best to add these into a blog or on each product
Bricks - single wall 55 bricks per m² 110 brick per m² for a double wall
5-6 bags of cement needed per 1m³ of building sand for mortar
8-9 bags of cement needed per 1m³ of concrete mix 
6-7 bags of cement needed per 1m³ of plaster sand for plastering

What are the cheapest building materials
Bricks and mortar remain the cheapest and most well known way to build a house, but relies on a skilled builder to do it correctly

How do you wire a changeover switch?
A changeover switch will always come with a diagram on how to wire it and generally has an “in” and “out” with regards to a 2 pole changeover switch the “out” will take both live and neutral wires to the rest of the board, then the “in” would have two sources of power to receive the power I and II these are always marked on the switch which two input wire are relevant to which connection. 

What size water tank (JoJo tank) do I need?
The size is all determined by what you require to do with the tank
As a storage facility for backup water use the following calculation:
Each person in a house uses on an average 150L - 250L of water per day, so if you take the amount of people in the house multiplied by the avg amount of water used times by the amount of days backup required (most cases 3 days max) you will have the amount of water require for backup, always remember to find the next bigger tank to the size needed for extra just in case.

How long can you keep water in a water tank (JoJo tank)?
Any water that is stagnant is easy breeding grounds for mosquitos. So firstly it's never a good idea to store water without circulation. Creating circulation within the tank or even moving air bubbles through the tank is your best solution to keep your water fresh for longer

What are standard door sizes in South Africa
The standard size of a door is 32inch x 80 inch so if you convert that to millimetres the size of a standard door is 813mm wide x 2032mm high and 40mm thick. There are also alternative size which would be classified as standard: 762mm wide x 2032mm high generally used years back for bathrooms, and you double doors, or french doors would be double the width but the same height with the exception of a smaller door 610mm x 2032mm. These are the door sizes and fit into the frame, they exclude the size of the frame.

What is an engineered door?
An engineered door has many more advantages to our south african climate compared to solid wooden doors. The engineered door is made up of multiple pieces of solid wood that are glued together to create a structurally sound and strong “plank” hence the term engineered. From there these are covered with thin edges that make the door look uniform and like one plank, but yet has the strength of multiple layers.

What does a float valve do?
A float valve is a great means to always ensure that your jojo tank is always full. There are many other option or uses for a float valve but its generally used to keep “containers” of water full. As soon as the level drops below the point it releases a valve and water fills up until the ball has reached a position where the valve is closed and the tank is full.

How does a surge arrester work?
Surge arresters are placed at various electrical points or even in your distribution board to ensure safety and protection of your electronic equipment from surges or spikes in the electrical current. These are a must in every south african home.

How long do wooden garage doors last?
A wooden garage door can last a lifetime if its treated correctly.
No wood that is exposed to the external elements should ever be treated with varnish!
To ensure long life an oil based preservative like silkwood should always be used.
This way your garage door could even out live you

Drywall vs Brick - which is better
Each has its benefits, drywall is great for simple fast and temporary units that are internal and have not structural bearing, for example to split a room in two. Yet if you are looking for something a little more permanent brick is your better option especially if its exposed to the elements.

What is insulation used for?
Insulation is used within a cavity of your wall or roof to keep the heat in during winter and prevent the heat from penetrating through in summer. There are many factors to consider when working with insulation, as well as various brands of insulation, so always make sure you consult a professional when looking to insulate.

Which water pump is best for home use?
The best pump always comes down to 3 factors, what is it going to be used for? What volume will it need to move, and how far or high will it need to go?
With these answers choosing a pump for your home is simplified to the brand of choice. As a rule of thumb a centrifugal pump is the most common pump used, but again with different applications different pumps are best suited.

How does a borehole pump work?
When talking about a borehole pump there are two factors to consider, the pump and the motor. Generally a borehole pump does not come with a motor and is specified to achieve the goal to which the pump needs to pump at. With a circular motion is creates a pressure that drives the water up a pipe and with a continuous feed of water is able to get the water to the top, if a air pocket or the water is not continues the flow will break momentum and fall down the hole again, hence why its always a good idea to install a non-return valve with your borehole pump & motor